The FORGE Partner Challenge (Cycle 3)

The FORGE Partner Challenge (Cycle 3)

Event Divisions:

  • Steel (M/M)

  • Steel (M/F)

  • Steel (F/F)

  • Iron (M/M)

  • Iron (M/F)

  • Iron (F/F)

Event Details

The FORGE Functional Fitness Partner Challenge!
This competition is a Law Enforcement/First Responder Appreciation event that utilizes a 2-person team format- M/M, M/F, F/F teams.  

FORGE members receive a discounted registration price!

There will be 2 competition levels- Steel (Rx) and Iron (Scaled)- and a total of 3 workouts, plus a tiebreaker if necessary.  Prizes awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams in each division.

Cost is $80/team ($40/person individual registration) during the month of February.  Registration pricing changes to $90/team during the month of March and $100/team in April or the day of the event if slots are still available.

Each team receives an event t-shirt for both team members.  Pre-registration required for t-shirts.  

Registration and Team Preparations (Check-in, Warm-up) start at 0800.
Event 1 will start at 0830, Events 2 and 3 to follow accordingly.
Some events will potentially be outside, so plan your gear accordingly!

Teams who register before the month of February will be guaranteed a gift bag loaded with a variety of great products from generous sponsors (see website or Facebook [TheFORGEFunctionalFitness] for specific company references).  

In addition to the gift bags, various fitness products will be raffled off throughout the day.  Competitors and spectators can purchase raffle tickets the day of the event.

Sponsored by:

Kinsmen Brewing will be pouring, there will be food trucks and vendors on site!  Great opportunity to see our amazing space, located in the middle of the former Clark Bros. Mill in Plantsville/Southington!

Event WODS

Squat Press

20:00 for both team members to find a 1RM of: Back Squat *each team member must demonstrate a max Squat that breaks the parallel line of their hips with the ground and is acknowledged by an event Judge S2OH *each team member will lift the max amount possible overhead and hold the lift until acknowledged by an event Judge The totals of both lifts for both team members will be recorded for the team score. Example= 2 Back Squats of 225# + 2 S2OH of 225# = 900#

Row & Throw

Two (2) 6:00 AMRAPs consisting of: Partner 1: Holds DL STEEL- 185#, 135# IRON- 135#, 85# Partner 2: Max Calorie Row *Partners can only Row while other Partner holds DL Score: Max Calories completed by Team 1:00 REST Partner 1: Holds Side Plank Partner 2: Max Wall Balls STEEL/IRON: 30# to 10' target/14# to 9' target *Partners can only complete WBs while other Partner holds Plank Score: Max reps of WBs per Team

Carry Out

Stay tuned!

Event Info:

The FORGE Partner Challenge (Cycle 3)

Date: May 9, 2020

Location: 409 Canal St, Plantsville CT

Registration: $90.00






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