Field Day 2021

Field Day 2021

Event Divisions:

  • STEEL Men

  • STEEL Women

  • IRON Men

  • IRON Women

Event Details

FORGE Programming YEAR 3 is coming to a close!  To commemorate the end of Cycle 3 we will have a Field Day Event on Saturday, March 6th, 2021, starting at 9:00a!

Similar to Field Days from our school days, our Event will consist of 6 short, fast-paced challenges incorporating many of the movements and techniques we have utilized in training over the last year!

Registration for this Event is open to FORGE Functional Fitness Members and Coaches only!!   The challenges will each be separated into Male and Female events with 2 Divisions: Steel and Iron.  The guidelines for each challenge will be clearly posted on the Event registration website.

In addition to demonstrating how hard you've worked throughout this 3rd Cycle, this Field Day is also a great way to get to know your fellow FORGE members and Coaches!  We hope all of you will be there participating and cheering each other on!  

If participating as a competitor isn't for you, please consider registering as a Volunteer or Judge to help everything run as smoothly as possible.

At the end of the Event, we will recognize the top 3 participants in each group based on overall scores.  

Spectators and family members are encouraged we hope to all spend some time together after the Event- socially-distanced of course!  

Event WODS

Burden Shuttle Run

Cone Sandbag Shuttle Run/Carry STEEL- 50#/40# IRON- 25# *Must pass each cone and return to the starting line before moving on to the next cone

MAX Air Squats

Max number of Air Squats completed in 2:00 STEEL: Hip crease must be below the knees IRON: Squats to Wall Ball

BBJ All the Way

200' of Burpee Broad Jumps FOR TIME *must cross the marked lines by broad jumping, cannot walk or run over the line

Battle Rope HSH

1:00 of Battle Ropes, directly into: MAX Handstand Hold STEEL- Handstand Hold against the wall IRON- Handstand Hold w/ knees on 24" box

Slam Ball Delight

AMRAP 6: 5 Slam Ball Push-ups 10 Slam Ball Sit-ups 15 Ball Slams 50' Sprint w/ Wall Ball STEEL: 30#/20# IRON: 20#/14# *Sit-ups: WB must touch floor behind competitor's head and then their feet to be counted as a rep *Push-ups: Hands on WB, chest must touch the ball completely extend up *Air Squats: Must squat to the WB and stand up completely, extending hips all the way to be counted as a rep *WB can be carried in any manner for the Sprint

Death by Bridges

2 Rounds FOR TIME: 3:00 MAX Calorie Row 2:00 MAX Squat Cleans 1:00 MAX Toes to Bar 1:00 REST between Rounds STEEL: 155#/115# *Toes must touch the bar for the rep to count IRON: 115#/75# *Knees to Chest

Event Info:

Field Day 2021

Date: March 6, 2021

Location: 409 Canal St, Plantsville CT

Registration: $25.00




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