2019 Second Cycle Challenge

2019 Second Cycle Challenge

Event Divisions:

  • STEEL- Men

  • STEEL- Women

  • IRON- Men

  • IRON Women

Event Details

The 2nd Cycle of 2019 is over, now it's time to put all of that HARD WORK on the line!

This competition will be Male & Female Individuals in the STEEL (Rx) and IRON (Scaled) divisions.

The competition will consist of 4 workouts of varying movements and skills.  For more information, contact The FORGE Functional Fitness at info@theforge.fit or 860-500-0077.

Competition will begin at 10:00a on Saturday, December 7th- Pearl Harbor Day!  Athlete check-in starts at 9:30a.

Event WODS

Don't Drop It

600' Farmer's Carry, 6 Burpee penalty every time the KBs are put down STEEL Men's- 70s STEEL Women's- 53s IRON Men's- 53s IRON Women's- 35s

Get Up & Throw

AMRAP 8: 10 Pull-ups 100' Sprint 10 Slam Ball Bar clears *Chin must clear the bar for reps to count **Bar Clears are a Wall Ball throw with Squat Steel Men's- 30#, High bar Steel Women's- 20#, High bar Iron Men's- Banded PU, 20#, Regular bar Iron Women's- Banded PU, 14# WB, Regular bar

Pull Flip & Push

1 RFT: 50' Bear Crawl 50' Seated Rope Sled Pull 50' Plate Push 50' Tire Flips 10 Burpee Tire Jump-Overs 50' Plate Push Steel Men's- 90#, Tire Flips, 45# Steel Women's- 70#, Tire Flips, 35# Iron Men's- 70#, Tire Flips, 35# Iron Women's- 50#, 25#

Bridges Special

2 Rounds for Time: 3:00 Max Calorie Row 2:00 Max Squat Cleans 1:00 Max T2B 1:00 REST Steel Men's- 165# Steel Women's- 125# Iron Men's- 135#, K2E Iron Women's- 105#, K2E

Event Info:

2019 Second Cycle Challenge

Date: Dec. 7, 2019

Location: 409 Canal St, Plantsville CT

Registration: $60.00




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